December 7 horoscope cancer

Twenty-eighteen has been a year of real personal shifts. And yet despite all that, love is still on your mind, as ever.

December horoscopes: Goodbye, Mercury retrograde!

Will you ever tire of rehearsing the endless ideal possibilities in your head? A real love is not an ideal love. Somewhere inside of you, you know this, but you still fight with yourself constantly. You will find real love, but please give up the perfectionist mind with which you judge yourself. It will require—are you ready? You take time to be known. Twenty-eighteen was a time of important decision-making. You're a determined person who sticks with the things that you've decided on, and the past year has given you a lot of reasons to stick by your choices.

This especially applies to your love life. If necessary, you can flee quickly from these lackluster affairs. This year, you learned that you actually thrive on the stability of the mundane; it makes you feel known, and less anxious. So you've stuck by your inner, stable heart, and your heart has granted you security in the process. Twenty-nineteen will give you some time to spread your wings in your career. Foundations that you've been building will take shape and turn into actual, living structures.

You've likely made a bit of a name for yourself around the workplace, but will give you opportunities to grow into the leader you know you can be. Take lessons from your love life and see things through, and you'll reap the benefits all year. This past year has required real fearlessness. But you have taken them. Wake up earlier. Make lists like a Virgo and cross them off. Action will be the most important thing in Who cares?

It will change everything. But you have to believe and stop doing so much talking. Just do it. Twenty-eighteen was a year of self-reflection; you struggled to understand some deep regrets that rose to the surface. You may be methodical, but you can sometimes move too quickly and impulsively—and you've definitely acted impulsively at times this year.

Those occasions left you wondering if your instincts can indeed be trusted, but here's the good news: a Capricorn can always trust their own instincts.

As you move forward, towards your goals, in the face of adversities, remember to listen to your emotions before making decisions. As another year begins, try to let go of some of the regrets that weigh on you, particularly those that have to do with friendship.

Your daily horoscope: December 7

As for love, learn to trust your heart there, too, and choose a person who makes you laugh as opposed to someone whose status you admire, whatever that means to you. All in all, will be a productive and successful year for you. Rihanna, born February Photographed by Craig McDean for W magazine. People can change their lives on any day.

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Not just on one at the beginning of the year, and not just one at the end of the year either. You've been held back by, primarily, self-doubt and fear. So, remember: you are a sign of great vision. You are a visionary and your ideas are transformative, but you must believe in them and you must give them time. But all this will change now, because you've changed. Remember that your friends see you as the strength they need to begin living their real lives.

You are so powerful. Do that for yourself. This past year saw you use your skills of persuasion to win, and not just in one arena. Career-wise, for example, your caring nature took center stage and led to financial gain. You're easily able to benefit from business interactions because you care so deeply about people, which this year made the people you served feel nurtured and seen. Twenty-nineteen will bring you more opportunities to use these skills and therefore to substantially advance. You may have had your eye on someone for much of If so, may be the time to make your move. Be gentle with yourself.

This month will be intense. Your ruling planet slides back into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships on Dec. On a brighter note, however, the sun will enter Capricorn on Dec. Feeling adventurous, Taurus? Who knows, you might grow the courage to meet your crush under the mistletoe after all. Which reminds me, the new moon in Sagittarius on Dec. Sultry new connection? Just make sure you're being honest with yourself in the process.

Good news first: Your ruling planet goes direct on Dec. So much so, the new moon in Sagittarius the following day, might be everything you need to start again.

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  6. This lunation is expansive, lucky, and swirling with opportunities, in regards to your partnerships. Don't let this energy go to waste.

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    Speaking of which, the sun will be traveling through this area of your chart for the first half of the month, which is even better for you. On Dec. Make sure you leave things in the past before the new year, Gemini. First thing's first: There's a powerful full moon in your sign this month, so chances are, you're already starting to feel the emotional build-up. Alright, let's rewind. There will be a new moon in Sagittarius on Dec. This is great energy for your mind and body; plus, Jupiter is here, too!

    On another note, the sun leaves jovial Sagittarius and slides into serious Capricorn on Dec. Let's just say you've burned a few bridges this year, and that's totally fine. However, Capricorn is your polar opposite sign, and this energy can feel a bit ruthless. Speaking of, the full moon in your sign on Dec. Stay strong, Cancer. You are all things festive this month, Leo.

    It doesn't surprise me, considering the sun is traveling through your sister sign Sagittarius for the first half of the month, bringing energy and vitality to your flirtatious fifth house of romance, creativity, and playtime. Jupiter is here as well, so don't let this energy pass you by.

    The new moon in Sagittarius on Dec.

    Today's Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

    The sun slides into Capricorn, and your sixth house of responsibility on Dec. Lastly, there will be a powerful full moon in Cancer the following day, shaking up your secretive 12th house of dreams. Emotional closure? Most definitely. Don't hold back. You're starting to feel like yourself again, Virgo.

    Plus, your ruling planet Mercury finally goes direct on Dec. However, there's more fun stuff in the cosmic pipeline, so sit tight. The month kicks off with a new moon in Sagittarius, bringing new beginnings to your fourth house of home and emotional well being. There's something different about you at a soul level, and this lunation will remind you of your inner strength. On an even brighter note, the sun will enter serious Capricorn on Dec. It's time you have a little fun, Virgo darling.

    December 2018 Horoscope: Predictions for Cancer

    The full moon in Cancer the following day, brings closure to your 11th house of friendships, and teamwork. Come on, Virgo. You and I both know you're ready to say your goodbyes. It's almost Get free. You're always a delight, Libra. Although, you can't deny that you're a force to be reckoned with, especially when your ruling planet Venus is on your side. Speaking of, the Regina George of the cosmos slides in Scorpio, and your second house of income and self-worth on Dec.

    Things are definitely looking good for you financially. Have you been speaking your truth? The sun and Jupiter will there, too. Although the sun will enter Capricorn and your fourth house of home on Dec. Working hard or hardly working?

    You might want to lay low for a bit and rest up, before the new year. Although, with the full moon in Cancer, shaking up your career house the following day, that might be sort of difficult to do. Despite the fact that it's not your birthday season, you're still getting a lot of attention from the cosmos these days. Both Mercury and Venus slide back into your sign for one last hoorah, and I say, you make the best of it. You do know how amazing you are, right? Either way, this lunation will speak for itself.

    Well deserved, Scorpio. The sun slides into Capricorn, and your chatty third house of communication on Dec.

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    Which brings me to my next point: The full moon in Cancer on Dec.